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Address: 308 W Main Street, Durand, IL 61024
Phone: (815) 978-8694
Durand Charm Board of Directors Committee Chairs
President: Faith Ackerman  Business & Economic Development  Faith Ackerman 
fackerman@durandstatebank,com fackerman@durandstatebank,com
Vice-President: Marsha Opperman  Beautification and Parks: Connie Liptak
Secretary: Sue Gibler  Attractions:  Marsha Opperman 
Treasurer: Kristine Fotinakes  Education: Sue Gibler 
Board Members: William Swick    Candy Cane Lane:  Sue Gibler
Jody Meissen Marsha Opperman
Connie Liptak    Consignment Auction: Jody Meissen
Brian Grande  Gary Ingram
Beverly Waller 
Executive Director: Chris DeSchepper