Meet the Candidate Night

March 20th is quickly approaching.
Do you know who is running in the primary election?

Durand Charm sponsored a meet and greet with the candidates. This FREE event was open to the general public.

Following is a list of candidates who attended our event. Thank you to candidates and participants who attend the event.

Durand Charm will hold another Meet the Candidate Night in the fall prior to the General Election.

Bob Daiber – Governor
James Marter – 16th Congress
Beth Vercolio-Osmund – 16th Congress
Amy Briel – 6th Congress 
William Fawell – 17th Congress
Andrew Chesney – 89th Representative
Stephen Schaible – Sheriff – Stephenson
Paul Gorski – County Clerk – Winnebago
Robert Springer – Sheriff – Winnebago
Kurt Ditzler – Sheriff – Winnebago
Brian Stewart – 45th Senate
Nicholas Hyde – 89th Representative
Steven Fricke 89th Representative
Gary Caruana – Sheriff
Jim Webster – County Board