About Us

Durand Charm is a non-profit organization built with volunteers who run programs and fundraisers to bring community improvement and quality of


*2008-Village President requests Community Action Chair create an Economic Development Committee

*2009-Small committee of 3 created to begin Beautification Improvements called: Center Street Beautification Committee

*2012-Stakeholder meetings of approximately 40 people held to discuss interest to expand revitalization efforts to larger group

*2013-Durand Revitalization Efforts kicked off with IIRA Mapping Program-84 attended. Action Plan formulated, 6 Committees & Council of 12 formed

*2014-Durand Revitalization Efforts officially become 501(c)(3) Non-Profit: Durand Charm

*2015-Durand Charm hires Executive Director and secures sponsorship from Village of Durand