Santa Letters

We all know Santa Claus is very busy this time of year, so Durand Charm has offered to help by sending letters to good little boys and girls. That way, Santa can spend more time on what he does best – getting all those toys ready for Christmas Eve delivery.

Letters will be printed on festive holiday paper, personalized for your loved one, and sent from the ‘North Pole’ in time to reach their mailbox before Christmas.  To help cover materials, postage and time, the organization is asking for a $10 donation to Durand Charm per letter mailed.  If you know a youngster who would like to receive a letter from Santa, please send your check along with the child’s full name and mailing address to Durand Charm, P.O. Box 863, Durand, IL 61024. Online orders can be placed at

Requests should be postmarked by December 12 to ensure processing time before Christmas. Letter requests can also be dropped off at Durand Village Hall.

Questions can be directed to Kelly Giovanine, Durand Charm Executive Director, at